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Welcome to EURACTIV's AgriFood Brief, your weekly update on all things Agriculture & Food in the EU from EURACTIV's Agrifood news team: Gerardo Fortuna and Natasha Foote
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  1. 11 - CAP, honey market, recovery fund rollout

    This week, EURACTIV gets you up to speed about the latest goings-on of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), including what to expect from the trilogue, which started this week, and we speak about the ailing EU honey sector, which is struggling on the back of severe climatic conditions.  ...


  2. 10 - Out of touch policymakers, avian flu, SMEs

    This week EURACTIV explores a new study which found that policymakers' failure to understand farmers' underlying motivations may be detrimental to the environmental ambitions of the CAP, how the recent cases of avian flu found in the Netherlands might impact trade, and how stakeholders are calling for agrifood SMEs to ...


  3. 9 - re-CAP, veggie burger ban, pesticides export

    This week, EURACTIV gives a rundown of the main points to come out of last weeks marathon on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), including what happened with the infamous veggie burger ban, and we learn more about the news that the EU Commission may be looking to ban the production ...


  4. 8 - The final CAP down

    This week was a turning point for the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), with proposals presented for its reform by both the EU Parliament and the Council. But what exactly has been decided this week and what's next for the CAP? Here, EURACTIV gets you up to speed with the ...


  5. 7 - CAP reform, plenary vote, pesticides

    This week is all about the Common Agricultural Policy in the run up to the European Parliament’s plenary vote next week where decision makers will hash out negotiations on the reform of the policy, and EURACTIV talks you through several key developments to do with pesticides, from a ruling from ...